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...Because My World Would Be A Wonderland

3 August 1989
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HIIIIII!!! I'm 20 and live in Yorkshire baby! I'm slightly nutty, but aren't we all at some point? Some people say I'm a hippy...and on some degree, s'pose I am! People also I'm like Phoebe, from Friends...so that gives you some idea on what I'm like! Ummmm....I'm currently single, and not looking, but I'm a hopeless romantic at heart. I studied Animal Management at college, and lurrrrrrved every minute of it! Except the presentations...they were a bit scary...I luuurve musicals, most of them, really! Especially, Wicked, Phantom, RENT, Les Mis, and We Will Rock You!! I've only seen one real show and that was Wicked in London in Oct 2006, I saw Idina, baby! I also see musicals at my local theatre when I can. Ummmmmmmmm...I like most music...I like alot of the oldies, mostly 70s stuff, David Bowie, Queen, T Rex, The Carpenters, Abba...Hmmmmm...I like Alanis Morissette, The Beatles, MJ...I don't know, really...just a load o' stuff!! I live at home with my mummy, my step dad, Paul, and my two younger brothers Joe and George! I love em all!
My bestest friends are (in no particular order)...Annie, Vicky Lou, my mum...and, yeah that's it...

TV...Home and Away, baby! Most Haunted (and the rest of that stuff, Ghost Hunt, Ghost Hunters etc), Whose Line is it Anyway? is just genius! I heart Ryan!

Riiiiiiiiiiight...thats it til I get used to using Livejournal!

So Long!! XXxxLOZxxXX